• Getting Started

    Using the Microscope

    Learn how to use the virtual microscope.

    Dashboard & Assignments

    Find out how to start, work on, and submit assignments.

    Handling Objects

    Learn how to manipulate containers, materials and instruments.

    Around the bench

    Get acquainted with the labs space and learn about basic tools

  • Course Management

    Grading Assignments

    Learn how to grade assignments in the new Gradebook.

    Handling objects

    We have a new grading system. Take a look and learn how to navigate it.

    Building your semester

    It's easy to build course, add section and assign labs. Check it out!

  • Microbiology Tutorials

    Anaerobic Jar

    A brief guide to the instrument we use to grow bacteria in oxygen-free conditions.

    Culture tube rack

    A quick look at how to use the culture tube rack.

    New Instruments for Microbiology

    We have some new equipment which works a little differently.

    Sterilizing the L-shaped spreader

    Keep your tools clean so that your results stay accurate.