Mice Prefer Cheese: Introducing Our New Scientific Method Lab

Mice Prefer Cheese: Introducing Our New Scientific Method Lab Featured Image

There is something about the everlasting bond between a mouse and their piece of cheese. It’s a romance of epic proportions. Do you think a mouse would stray away from their beloved block of swiss cheese if given a chance to try something new?


Whether you agree or disagree that mice will always prefer cheese, you’re in luck. You can now convince your students to test hypotheses and think like scientists in our new Scientific Method lab.

At Late Nite Labs, we constantly try to find new and exciting ways to promote scientific citizenship and we frequently update our labs to fit the needs of every student. With the new Scientific Method lab, students are able to test hypotheses and explore the scientific method.

Let’s preview our exciting online simulation:



  1. The lab begins with observation. If your students don’t believe that mice and cheese go together like butter on toast, this is their chance to gather data to prove otherwise.
  2. Next, we break down the rules of the scientific method for students step by step. The purpose of this experiment is to determine the best food source for an upcoming mouse metabolism study. Students will test three different foods from the options provided: apple slices, fruit juice, cooked pasta, raw pasta, cooked steak and raw steak. Mice are omnivores and will eat these food options. Students will then determine which food source will be best for the study based on the fact that it generated the most weight gain.
  3. Will the mouse pick pasta over cheese? Could pasta or rice be better for a mouse’s metabolism? Your students will find out in this experiment!
  4. Finally, your students will answer some questions about their hypothesis and will be asked to communicate a clear, concise idea. Voila! Your student will be equipped to prove their hypothesis to other scientists– all thanks to one mouse, some cheese, and the scientific method!

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By Tess Mangiardi
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