How It Works

Late Nite Labs recreates a traditional science lab in an online environment. All you need is an internet connection. Used by education institutions across the globe, our labs let students explore in a safe, interactive environment anytime, anywhere. Each experiment comes equipped with all the instruments, materials, and texts for each course, so you can provide sophisticated learning experiences while preserving resources. All for less than the price of a textbook.

  • Offer online labs that look and act like the real thing

    From the moment they launch a lab, students are working at a fully equipped lab bench with all of the materials and instruments they’d find in the wet lab. Our environment simulates the open-endedness of real life, so students learn based on experiences, not error messages. If they follow the manual, they’ll see correct results. But if they make a mistake? They’ll see those results, too—even if it means an explosion.

  • Plan labs at your (and your TA’s) convenience

    Late Nite Labs simplifies the normally complicated process of organizing lab time. When lab space and materials are always available, organizing it is a matter of a few clicks. Since our lab log records each students’ activities in the lab, you’ll be able to keep track of their work to gauge gaps in technical and conceptual knowledge. With a streamlined setup, you and your TA(s) will have more time to focus on students’ learning.

  • Keep assignments and manuals in one place

    Each lab comes with its own manual and assignments, allowing for a seamless flow between text, lab experience, and assessments. Since each lab manual is fully editable, you’re also free to tailor them to match your curriculum.

  • Leave the tech support to us

    It’s important to feel supported when integrating new technology in your course, which is why we have a dedicated tech team to handle you and your students’ questions. By allowing us to take care of the technical issues, you can rest assured that the only questions you answer are about your class.

  • Perform labs from your computer

    You already do lots of other schoolwork online, so why should labs be different? Instead of making your schedule fit to your lab, you can have it the other way around. Don’t have time until late at night? More of an early bird? No problem! Whether from your desk, a library, a coffee shop—seriously, anywhere—our labs are ready whenever you are.

  • Experiment safely

    With Late Nite Labs, you can experiment in a safe environment. Instead of worrying about spilling hydrochloric acid, you can focus on the concepts and procedures. Having a bad day? Throw a Bunsen burner into the trash. In an open-ended digital lab, explosions and E. Coli stay on the screen, so you can explore risk free. Use all of the chemicals, compounds, containers, and instruments you’d find in a wet lab. No googles needed.

  • Take your time

    There’s no time limit on our labs and endless do-overs. If you prefer to go at a slower place, you can concentrate on doing the experiment correctly. Mistakes? No problem. With always stocked shelves, you can throw out old materials out and grab new ones. Even if you need to start over, you’ll never have to worry about lagging behind or wasting materials. Experiment and learn on your own terms.

  • Engage more students

    Use our digital science labs as a pre-lab, in blended courses, and fully online science courses. With Late Nite Labs, students have access to an unlimited supply of equipment, glassware, chemicals, specimens and anything else they’d find in a traditional wet lab—for less than the cost of a textbook. Lab manual, assignments, and tech support included.

  • Conserve space

    By hosting science labs online, you can add more lab sections without worrying about facilities constraints. Instead of cramming students into small spaces or cutting valuable lab sections completely, you’ll have all the space you need. Students will conduct experiments with sophisticated instruments and materials as they explore scientific concepts and hone technical procedures.

  • Build courses, grow enrollments, meet budgets

    What if the demand for science classes exceeds your lab space? Or what if you want to offer an additional science program online? With our lab library, you can provide robust lab experiences for any type of class. Great for intro and non-major courses, our labs allow you to reach an unlimited number of students. Our supply will always meet demand.