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      • How do I take a snapshot with the microscope?
        Above the objective lenses on the microscope, you will see a small black switch/button. You might need to zoom in to see greater detail. When you hover the cursor over it, the tooltip will read 'Snapshot'. Click this button to save the image that is in your microscope viewer. Enter a title and description and then click 'OK' to save it. The image will be stored in two places: in the media player under 'Your Media' and in the portfolio, which is accessible while you are working on the short answer or multiple choice assessment.

      • How do I use the graphing tool?
        The graphing system is handled in-line with the assignment text. When viewing your assignment, move the mouse cursor where you would like to place the graph and click in that area. Once you do this there should be a blinking line, known as the insertion point, indicating where you are about to type. Next, move the mouse to the toolbar above the text editor. In the top right of the toolbar there is a button with a graph image, click on it to enable the graphing utility. The graphing tool will appear automatically in the field to the right of your assignment. Graph your results following the instructions, referring to the data you recorded in the Notes section. To properly format your graph, enter:
        • a title for your graph in the “Title” field,
        • a label for the X axis,
        • a label for the Y axis.
        To plot your data, enter values into the fields in the data columns, with X values on the left, and Y values on the right. The graph on the right will automatically plot your data. If you need more rows than initially provided, click Add Row at the bottom. To show the trendline, click the box underneath the graph. It will automatically calculate your slope and intercept. To remove it, click the box again.

      • I should have more content in my media player, where is everything?
        When you open your media player there should be a tab with two arrows on the right side of the media player. This tab will allow you to view more images when you click, hold, and drag it up and down.

      • None of the multiple choice options match my findings from the experiments. What should I do?
        Please notify your teacher and contact and we will report this to our content experts right away.

      • Why can’t I submit my assignments?
        You can submit assignments as long the due date has not been passed. If you are having difficulty submitting, please clear your entire browsing and download history, cookies, and all cached images and files. If you continue to experience problems, please contact

      • Why does my lab keep freezing?
        Make sure that you are on a strong internet connection. If the lab keeps freezing, please clear your entire browsing and download history, cookies, and all cached images and files. If you continue to experience problems, please try in a different browser.

      • How do I know that my short answer or multiple choice assignments were submitted?
        You will get a notification that your submission was successful once you click ‘Submit’. You can go back to your course page to double check. If it says ‘Submitted’ next to the Short Answer or Multiple Choice links, then you can be sure it was successfully submitted.

      • Can my instructor see my work before I submit my assignment?
        Yes, your instructor can see any work or notes you have in progress.

      • I’ve completed a lab’s procedures. Am I done?
        Your instructor might have assigned short answer and multiple choice assignments to complete after you have run the lab procedures. Click the Exit button on the bottom panel of your lab screen to return to your course page. If you see Short Answer or Multiple Choice links below the lab title, then click those to access the assignments.

      • I got a message that says, ‘Materials can only be added to containers.’ What does that mean?
        Since our materials are designed to go into containers, they can’t stand alone on the bench. If you tried to drag a container to the bench by itself, or haven’t centered the material on the container before dropping it, that’s probably why you’re seeing this message.

      • When I put containers and instruments together, nothing happens. What's going on?
        Sometimes, even though an object looks like it’s directly on top of another, our system might not recognize it. Often, the cursor must be centered on the object onto which you’re dropping the container or instrument. You’ll know objects have been linked when you hear a snapping sound and/or see a chain link image briefly appear.

      • Can I do a lab more than once?
        You can run a lab as many times as you want before you submit an assignment. If for some reason you wish to re-run it after submission, contact your instructor and ask if they’ll allow a redo.

      • Can I pause a lab then re-enter it?
        Yes, but when you exit a lab, it will restart the next time you enter it. Any lab work you’ve done will not be saved for the next time you enter; only your lab notes will be saved if you have used the Save button to save them. While you wouldn’t want to exit in middle of an experiment, you can complete different experiments in your lab at different times. But if you’ve completed an experiment and want to start the following experiment at another time, be sure the future experiment doesn’t involve materials you’ve created in the previous experiment.

      • What do I do if I make a mistake in a lab?
        What’s great about our labs is that there’s no limit to time or materials. If you think you made a mistake, just throw out all parts of the experiment and start over. You can do this as many times as you need until you think you got it right. Unsure if you made a mistake? Your Lab Log tracks your in-lab actions and time stamps them. The Lab Log button is found in the lower left corner of your lab.